Introducing WV Living Collection

Bring our heritage into your home.


WV Living has partnered with Saw's Edge Workshop, a social purpose enterprise of Coalfield Development Corporation, to create a line of products for your home. Your purchase helps to build quality homes, create quality jobs, and increase opportunities for a quality of life for folks throughout our region. Our products are made from materials that are reclaimed from dilapidated buildings and abandoned structures throughout West Virginia. These West Virginia wooden wall hangings come in three sizes* and three options (solid painted, stripped oak, painted variation) and can be hung on a wall or used as a wedding guestbook.

*These are handcrafted and sizes might vary slightly.

To purchase, visit or call 304.413.0104.

If you are a retail establishment and would like to sell our product line, please contact us at

LARGE (41.25" x 43"), MEDIUM (33" x 34.5"), SMALL (24.75" x 26")



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