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Looking at "The Last Mountain"


The Last Mountain,” a documentary highlighting the adverse effects of mountaintop removal, focuses on the Coal River Valley of West Virginia and the lengths community members have gone to to preserve their environment.

The award-winning film, directed by Bill Haney, features Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s role in the movement to saving Coal River Mountain and documents the obstacles he and the area’s residents faced. In one corner are the locals who want to maintain the natural beauty of their community, and, in the other, the mining corporations who seek the coal beneath the mountain’s peaks. The people of the Coal River Valley say mountaintop removal is increasing pollution and health risks as well as depleting resources and damaging the geography.

The documentary aims to create awareness of the effects mountaintop removal can have on the environment while encouraging people across the country to protect resources by practicing simple habits such as turning off a light switch or water faucet.

The film is in select theaters across the U.S.

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