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Book Review: Come On In, The Water’s Weird


Whitewater rafting is one of West Virginia’s biggest tourism draws. People travel from all around the state—and from others—to experience the raging waters found in the New and Gauley rivers in southern West Virginia.

In his book, “Whitewater Rafting on West Virginia New & Gauley Rivers: Come on in, the Water’s Weird,” Jay Young gives an objective history of the whitewater rafting industry on the New and Gauley rivers and details the adventures whitewater rafters seek when they take a seat on the raft and paddle through powerful and challenging currents.

Young, who has more than three years of experience as a whitewater guide, has lived in the New River Gorge area for five years and learned many tricks of the trade while hearing his fair share of rafting tales. His book illustrates the thrills and fears the sport can provide, in addition to offering some background and historical information about some of West Virginia’s most fascinating geography.

Copies of the book are available at History Press and on Visit Iron Arch Media for more information about the book and its author.

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