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Always wanted to experiment with bright hair color but not ready for a long-term commitment to bubblegum pink locks? Maybe you fantasize about having a lilac mane, but your desire to maintain a professional appearance keeps you from taking the plunge. If these descriptions sound like you, the answer to your hair-related dreams is here: hair chalk. Beauty experts have been buzzing about hair chalk for the past few years, and the product is an ideal solution for those who want to make a temporary foray into the world of fluorescent hair. The application is simple and all you need is hair spray. Spray your strands to give the chalk a tacky foundation, and then brush the chalk onto your hair—more layers of chalk will intensify the hue. You can brush the full length of the strand or go for a dip-dyed look on the ends. Spray again to seal the color, and then you’re all set for a night out or a whimsical weekend outing. The chalk washes easily, so after your next shampoo, no one will ever suspect your recent affair with Technicolor tresses.

To see how this trend looks with different hair colors, check out the photos on the left of my blonde friend and me after our recent adventure with hair chalk. She used Violet Sky by Splat (Rite Aid, $10), while I tried Blue Steel by Tint (Nico Spalon, $20).

We were very pleased with the results overall, but be forewarned: The chalk sometimes transfers onto clothing, so I wouldn’t recommend sporting it with your best white shirt. Other than that slight issue, I adore the edgy mermaid effect, especially in braids.

For more inspiration on how you can color your world hair chalk (plus other style trends), check out the Pinterest board below.

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