False Lashes Debunked


Photographed by Elizabeth Roth

The seemingly mystical practice of applying false eyelashes can be daunting. For one, it looks like a lot of time and effort and we’re all busy ladies. Then there’s the dreaded possibility that the lashes will rebelliously pop off during an outing—and nobody wants to be THAT girl. Yet, when we asked WV Weddings readers on Facebook, 65% said that false lashes were a definite must for their wedding day. When applied correctly, false lashes add undeniable impact to a look for any occasion—formal or informal. With practice, you can master the false lash and get the Zooey Deschanel-esque peepers you’ve always coveted. Here are some tips to get you well on your way to perfecting the technique:

Trim the lashes.

Fake eyelashes come in all shapes and sizes, so when you find a pair that you love, they still may not fit your eye perfectly. To measure them, place them on your eye (without glue) using tweezers. If they’re too long, take a pair of hair scissors and begin trimming the lashes starting from the outside, because that’s where your natural lashes are longest.

Use mascara.

Both before and after applying. Putting mascara on your natural lashes gives the falsies something to grab onto, and putting it on the falsies after application helps them blend together.  

Invest in good glue.

No one wants their lashes hanging off unbeknownst to them, so having quality glue on hand is crucial. My favorite is DUO Eyelash Adhesive (Sephora, $9). It comes in black, so when it dries it blends in with eyeliner. It keeps your lashes intact for ages—you can even fall asleep in them and wake up looking like Sleeping Beauty.

Drag the lashes through the glue.

Rather than applying glue directly onto the lashes, put the glue on a plastic surface and drag the lashes through. This technique will keep you from getting excess glue on the lashes and subsequently your eyelid. Also, remember to put the most glue on the ends, because that is where it’s most likely that the lashes could pop up.

Let the glue dry before applying.

This is my top tip. It is extremely important—both for your time and your emotional stability—to let the glue become tacky before placing the lashes on your lids. If the lashes are still wet, they will slide all over your eyelid and you will probably have to start the gluing process all over again. If you allow it to dry for at least 30 seconds, the whole lash application process will be more efficient.

Use tweezers to press the lashes on your lid.

This method is much more precise—not to mention easier—than just using your hands.

It’s helpful to remember that the lashes don’t have to be applied absolutely perfectly—you can cover a lot of mistakes with eyeliner. If you care for your lashes properly by pulling off the glue and storing them so that they maintain their shape, they will last for multiple wears. Now you’re ready to dramatize your eyes!


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