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Taking the Stress out of the Dress

Tips for a better morning routine in the New Year.

A new year will soon be here and many of us want to make positive changes. Many New Year’s resolutions relate to the organization of our lives and how we want to change for the better. The most popular resolutions are usually diet, exercise, saving money, and quitting bad habits. But one resolution may not be so obvious to many women, and it involves their closets.

Think of your morning routine. Did you just see yourself in fast-forward running around your house and wondering where the time went? In your morning scenario, is a large part of your time taken up standing in front of your closet and wondering what you are going to wear? You are not alone in your morning wardrobe worries.

Organizing your closet could be the first step in the right direction. Color-coding is a great way to find an article of clothing without having to search through everything you own. Also, organizing by item can make for a quicker and smoother outfit selection. If you make either of these changes to your closet, it should save you valuable time.

Planning your outfit is another time saving tip. When you have already planned your outfit for the next day, it cuts out a lot of worrying. How many times have we all made a trip to the laundry room and found exactly what we needed to complete an outfit? If something isn’t clean, it generally means a whole new outfit has to be pulled together. 

If you want to mix up your wardrobe in 2014, choose one piece from your wardrobe each day that you have wanted to wear, but haven’t attempted for whatever reason. Many women tend to wear the same thing over and over. I once read an article that claimed many women only wore a small percentage of their wardrobe. I think planning an outfit in advance can change that. Most of us are guilty of finding a hidden treasure in our closets and saying, “I didn’t even know I had that!”

These tips apply to more than the morning routine. Planning your outfit is important for special events you may be attending in the New Year, too. Feeling good about your outfit can make you feel good about yourself. Believe it or not, it can make you have a more positive outlook on your day. Organize your closet and plan your outfits in the New Year and you will have fashion-forward mornings instead of fast-forward ones.


Amy Snodgrass has a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Marshall University. She is from Mineral Wells, where she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, pageantry, shopping, and writing for her personal blog

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