Huntington Festival Gives Back


Photo Courtesy of Huntington Music and Arts Festival

On September 28, 2013, the Huntington Music and Arts Festival celebrates its fourth year, but show producer Ian Thornton speaks as if it’s the inaugural event. This year marks the first that HMA will raise money for local arts programs, donating $250 to both Altizer and Spring Hill elementary schools in Cabell County.

Ian has had his eyes on this mission for years, but until now lacked the foundation to stand on. The festival needed to take root first, and now that it has he’s moving forward. An early admirer of VH1’s Save the Music, he says it’s nothing less important to support arts programs—especially for kids. “Art is their way outside the box,” Ian says. It’s also a successful way to develop confidence and a sense of focus.

Latta’s, an art store in Huntington, and Route 60 Music will provide the $250 gift cards for Altizer or Spring Hill elementary—one gift card going to each school. Ian says all proceeds from items recycled at the show, along with 10 percent of all band merchandise sales, will go toward next year’s program. He admits $250 may not be large amount, but he says it can go a long way in terms of basic supplies. It’s a step in the right direction, and he expects the effort to only grow in coming years.

HMA will feature 23 acts, including Farnsworth, Rozwell Kid, and AC30—the latter of which Ian is a member. Local artists will also be in attendance displaying various works for sale. Ian says Huntington’s art scene has grown significantly in the last few years and HMA is a way to ensure that continues. “We’re doing our part to keep it going,” he says. “This scene here is a special thing, driven entirely by the people.”

Tickets go on sale August 26, 2013, and may be purchased at Black Sheep Burritos or the festival’s website.

Don’t miss the Huntington Music and Arts Festival on September 28, 2013, at the Ritter Park Amphitheater.


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