Rock Bass Rocks Hard


Photos Courtesy of Rock Bass

Rock Bass (bass pronounced like the fish) may not have the nutritious omega-3 fatty acids of its delicious namesake, but the name isn’t meaningless. It brings to mind images of fishing and of fun times, too—relaxing on a sunny Saturday afternoon, laughing with friends on the banks of the river.

Take a listen to “Bury,” the fourth track on the band’s recently released debut album Garbles, and the Rock Bass philosophy starts to become clear. A sprightly little rock tune about putting aside your problems, it’s like Weezer without Rivers Cuomo’s 20-something angst or The Cribs if the Jarman brothers were a bit more socially well-adjusted. Heck, not only are the members of Rock Bass totally cool with being a little uncool, they embrace it. Weezer wants to write a song about how awesome sweaters are? Well, Rock Bass sees that clothing-based ballad and raises you one tribute to Groundhog’s Day, the Bill Murray film and February 2 both. Your move, Rivers.

Canon Fazenbaker (vocals, guitar), a Keyser native and one third of the Morgantown-based group, knows full well the limitations of being a local band. “I’ve been in bands before where you play out every weekend,” he says. “That gets really old. So we’ve made a conscious decision to limit our live shows, but the live shows we play we try to make the best we can.” Whether that means dressing up for a costumed concert at McClafferty’s for Halloween, or rocking out to their own version of “Jingle Bell Rock,” Canon enjoys the focus that comes with working the Morgantown scene and the slow but rewarding process of building a fan base. For him, it’s about making every Rock Bass show an experience for the audience. Rock Bass is also made up of Spence Clites (drums, vocals) and Kevin Poling (bass).

The band is currently at work on a single as well as original Christmas songs, due out in 2013. You can purchase the debut album Garbles at

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