Bishops Release Second Album

Shepherdstown based indie rock band releases its second full-length album, Silver Lining, on vinyl.


Photo Courtesy of Bishops

The members of Shepherdstown based Bishops are offering up more of the unique, catchy sounds fans know and love with a new album, Silver Lining. On the new release, the distinctive guitar riffs and poignant vocals come through in way that perhaps only a vinyl record can really capture. A limited release of only 200 total vinyl copies—100 on orange vinyl and 100 on blue vinyl—with screenprinted cover art was released in spring 2014 and showcase songs like the first single, “Morning Light,” and “Fix It.” The album is also available for digital download. Continuing a tradition of passionate and honest songwriting, Bishops second album is sure to please. Bishops is Tucker Riggleman, Jordan Hudkins, and Paul Cogle.

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