Morgantown's Country Star

MORGANTOWN magazine’s August/September featured “Hear This” musician is coming to the Mountain State.


A year ago, singer/songwriter Ashley McMillen never could have dreamed her career would have taken off like it has. In the past several months, the Morgantown native has found a home and made a name for herself in the welcoming music community of Charlottesville, Virginia. She’s also kept a packed schedule, playing and making appearances by herself or with her five-piece band at festivals and radio shows, winning a couple of awards and being selected to showcase, and even gaining interest from Dave Matthews Band’s management company, Red Light.

Ashley’s certainly come a long way from her high school days at Morgantown High School and her pre-med start at WVU. And for someone who used to not like singing in front of crowds and taught herself how to play guitar on her mom’s old Epiphone, the young musician now has an EP (released in January 2012) to show for all her hard work. “I hope someone will hear it, believe in me, and make it easier for me to follow my dreams,” she says.

Get her autograph now because who knows what it will be worth someday. For a full story on Ashley McMillen, keep an eye out for the featured “Hear This” in the August/September issue of MORGANTOWN magazine.

See Ashley live:
Thomas Sunday, July 8, 2012, 1 p.m., The Purple Fiddle, Thomas

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