Sweet Life Rocks New Music


With short blasts of the snare drum, Sweet Life’s “Dancin’,” a cut from the Morgantown band’s new EP Disenchanted, is abrupt and direct, locking you in as a listener from the get-go. Its driving rhythm makes it hard to keep your head still.

A band for more years than they can count, the members of Sweet Life—Jason McCarty, Mike Roberts, Evan Devine, and a guy simply named Nick—only recently adopted their current moniker, but so far they’ve done quite well under it, with a new record, college radio air play, and a music video to gloat over. The songs on Disenchanted more or less accumulated over the years, and Jason says the band specifically wrote just one song, “Black Babylon,” for the release. “We recorded the instruments for the record in a pretty short amount of time. Three days in April and three days in June,” Jason says. “We spent a good amount of time doing trial and error stuff with the vocals, though.”

Jason is also a member of Morgantown’s Sleepwalker, another popular local band. He says it’s different playing in each group, and Sweet Life offers an opportunity to let lose and play loud. “Sleepwalker is very effect-heavy,” he says.  “We always worry about volumes and the dynamics among all of us, whereas with Sweet Life it feels good to turn multiple amps up and play with a drummer who hits hard.”

As so many Morgantown bands have intersecting rosters, someone somewhere could probably draw a telling web of connections. Jason says he’s glad there’s such a close connection between certain members of the local music scene. For him, it’s all about being friends, and it’s the way he’s always preferred to make music.

Disenchanted is available for sale on Sweet Life’s Bandcamp page. The band will also be performing at 123 Pleasant Street on March 4, 2013, with Goodwolf, Sleepwalker, and Ancient Shores.

Sweet Life - "Black Babylon" from Geoff Hoskinson on Vimeo.

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