Mountain Stage in Morgantown

Don’t miss Angelique Kidjo, Julian Lage Trio, Valerie June, and Eilen Jewell.


Photo Courtesy of Mountain Stage

If there is any advice Grammy award-winning musician Angélique Kidjo could offer to those attending her performance in Morgantown this February, it would be to come to the show fully rested. “I will try to bring a lot of joy and energy to Mountain Stage, and I'm hoping to get back some from you,” she says.

Mountain Stage, a live radio show hosted by West Virginia Public Broadcasting, will bring a myriad of genres to the WVU Creative Arts Center on February 9, 2014. This live studio recording show will offer audience members a behind-the-scenes concert feel and feature many talented performers, including Angélique.

From talent to beauty, Angélique possesses the qualities of both an accomplished musician and a strong leader. Since the start of her career she has produced multiple albums, including Logozo, which reached the top spot on the Billboard World Music chart. In 2007 she won a Grammy for Best Contemporary World Music Album, and she has also used her talent to raise money for several campaigns like Seal the Deal and Give Gift of Life.

Her energetic variety of reggae, samba, gospel, and jazz will be sure to brighten the evening and thrill those in attendance. “I have always tried to make albums that are very different one from the other. Each one has its own story its own influence,” she says. “Life is too short to do the same music over and over.”

In contrast to Angélique’s fast-paced music, the Julian Lage Trio will bring its earthy, hypnagogic music to the stage. Drummer Eric Harland and bassist Larry Grenadier will accompany guitarist Julian to create a one-of-a-kind blend of tranquilizing tunes with American folk, bluegrass, Latin, and jazz influences.

Also at the show, Valerie June have concertgoers tapping their feet to her distinctive blend of folk, soul, and blues. Her unmistakable tone will remind concertgoers of summertime in Appalachia, and nods back to her Tennessee roots.

Hailing from the Pacific coast, Eilen Jewell will bring a hauntingly beautiful, almost coyness to her music and captivate fans with sincere lyrics. Like many of the show’s stars, she is no stranger to Mountain Stage; Eilen performed the live radio show with her band only a few years ago in 2007. I still have the same band, but in the past six and a half years since that show, I’ve released five full-length albums, including two with my gospel side project The Sacred Shakers,” she says. “I’m in the process of recording yet another new one. I can’t wait to try out some of the new songs.”

Eilen says she just wants attendees to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Keep an open mind. My band and I are not what we seem,” she says. “And for God’s sake, have fun.”

Tickets will be sold for $18 in advance or on the day of the performance for $23.

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