Young Country Tour

American Idol semi-finalist Chase Likens and Walmart singing sensation Kayla Slone perform across West Virginia.


Photos Courtesy of the Artists

Two country singers and West Virginia natives, Kayla Slone and Chase Likens, are preparing to sing their way across the Mountain State. Chase grew up near Huntington singing to Elvis Presley records, and got his big break when he was a semi-finalist on American Idol in 2012. “It was a really grueling process, but I’m grateful that American Idol provided me a platform to entertain millions of people,” he says. Since the hit TV show, Chase has been performing at festivals, has a single charting on Texas radio, and is working on an EP to be released this spring.

Matewan native Kayla Slone’s story is more unusual. She was working at Walmart when her manager asked around to see if there was anyone who could sing for an event. “I told her I could sing, and then she had me going all over the store singing,” Kayla says. A customer took a video of Kayla with her phone and posted it online. That brief clip went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views worldwide. A local ABC reporter saw the video, found Kayla still singing at Walmart, and did a story about her for the evening news. That story was shared with all of America on ABC World News. Grand Ole Opry executives were watching, and soon Kayla was standing on that world-famous stage, receiving a standing ovation from a sell-out crowd. “My dream was to sing at the Grand Ole Opry. I found myself that day. I’d always wanted to be a singer, but when they all stood up for me that’s when I knew this was what I was meant to do,” she says.

One year later, Kayla is joining Chase for a tour across their home state. “I’m really excited for it. We’ll put on a good show,” she says. “It makes me feel good that people from my home state want to come out and see me. I want to show everyone that there’s a positive side for West Virginia.” Chase is also looking forward to the opportunity. “I could not be more excited about playing with Kayla and her band,” he says. The two begin their tour on February 22, 2014, at the Coalfield Jamboree in Logan.,


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