A Reflection on WV WEDDINGS


In the spirit of Top 10 lists that seem to crop up at the end of every year and in honor of our recent WV Weddings Extravaganza, here are my top 10 most memorable weddings we’ve featured over the past five years in WV Weddings Magazine.

2009—My first WV Weddings issue will always be special, and one of the reasons is Kristen Somody and Seth Whalen’s outdoor wedding on the banks of the North River in Hampshire County. This wedding is one of my all-time favorites. The use of antiques outside, the photo of the bride sitting in the river, the fruit, flowers, and sprigs of rosemary in the decor, and the mix-matched bridesmaids’ dresses in pale peach tones to this day make me swoon. Photos by Erin Kiernan and Jeff Holt/ PBEK & Co.








2012—When I first saw Douglas Pettway’s photos of Tania Bongiolatti and K.C. Kirkman II’s vintage Antietam wedding I couldn’t help but squeal. It is quite simply picture perfect. When I learned that they were avid re-enactors, it made it the beautiful photos even more special.






2012—It’s no secret that Rebecca Kiger is an amazing photographer. But pair her with this stunning couple—Laura Kibby and Michael Stauber—and the resulting photographs are jaw-dropping. And Sandscrest, outside of Wheeling, is a lovely wedding venue.






2010—This bride is now known the world over as “Red Shoes Rachel.” Rachel Waybright Tignor’s Audrey Hepburn-inspired wedding and the photo of her in her bright red shoes atop a Steinway have even been featured on Style Me Pretty. I love her apple topiary décor and the way she subtly incorporated peacock feathers. Photos by Justin & Mary.









2013—Outdoor weddings are popular, and when done right, they can seem as comfortable and natural as a last-minute picnic—but don’t be fooled. There’s a lot of painstaking planning that happens in order to pull off a wedding like Samantha Creel and Jesse Chaffin’s. They chose the picturesque Balli Farm for their nuptials. Photos by Mykkah Photography.





2011—This Fourth of July wedding still charms me. I love that Morgan County principal Gene Brock and Wood County teacher Rebecca Rae Peters chose a one-room schoolhouse in Mineral Wells as their wedding venue. The chalkboard, the dunce cap, the American flags, and the guests sitting in old school desks are details to savor. Photos by Allie B Photography.





2012—Another inspiring second marriage is that of Debra Martin and Jeff Imel. The Greenbrier Sporting Club location is elegant and laid-back and I loved that the entire wedding party rode the train to White Sulphur Springs. Photos by Emily Porter Photography (now The Oberports).







2009—Colored wedding dresses are almost commonplace now, but five years ago, when I first saw Rebecca Devono’s photos of Megan Freeland Roskovensky, dressed in a vibrant red wedding gown against a wintery backdrop, I knew I needed to be friends with this bride. It takes someone special to pull that off. Five years after featuring this bride, I finally met her in the halls of the state capitol—and she is every bit as personable and effervescent as I imagined.






2012—The most memorable thing about this wedding might just be the getaway…or the succulent bouquets…or that the officiant held a cookbook instead of the Bible. The antique motorcycle and sidecar that groom David Bailey drove his bride Tashia Hippler away in was definitely unforgettable. Photos by RubySky Photography.









2011—Leta Gullete and Brian Comer’s outdoor wedding, photographed by Melissa Perella Photography, was magical. I’m a sucker for mix-matched china and outdoor seating sans the tent, but what I really remember most was that they arrived at the reception by canoe—and one with a slow leak.







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