Retreat To Camp

Find a relaxing oasis of summer fun at your local 4-H Camps.


It’s summer—time to slap on some sunblock and get your heart racing in the great outdoor playground that is West Virginia. The National Wildlife Federation has proposed a movement to get 10 million kids outside running, playing, swimming, and generally having fun, and we couldn’t agree more. Take up our challenge to spend your summer outdoors with this week’s suggestion: Camp Muffly.

Located southeast of Morgantown, Camp Muffly has long been home to Monongalia County’s 4-H programs and more recently home to the annual Wine & Jazz Festival celebrating local wineries, restaurants, and musicians. Camp Muffly isn’t just for hog-tying and booze-lounging though. The picturesque fields hold a number of cabins and pavilions available for rent, plenty of trees to shade a picnic and—we were especially excited to find—a public pool. Children 12 and under can splash around in the pool for $3.25, while adult entry is just $4. The camp often hosts weddings, receptions, and other social events, but we think it would be a great escape for North Central West Virginians just looking to beat the heat. Grab your kids, phone your friends, and pack a lunch before heading out for an afternoon away from the stifling city heat. Rent a pavilion for the evening or even book the dining hall. The camp is located off I-68 on 4-H Camp Road. Driving directions can be found here.

Information on which of your local 4-H Camps are open to the public can be found by contacting county extension services.

Each Wednesday on, we will feature one outdoor recreation area along with some fun suggestions to get your kids outdoors. And we want you to share your photos and stories with us—they may appear online or in a future issue of the magazine. Join us by committing to taking our children to our state parks, hiking in the wilderness, camping, fishing, and growing gardens.

1477 4-H Camp Road, 304.284.8484
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