Pepperoni Party

Celebrate West Virginia Day with the state’s official food, the pepperoni roll.


Like most West Virginians, our hearts swell with pride as we celebrate the birth of our state every year on June 20. This year, our stomachs grumbled, too. So we decided to make a birthday cake in honor of West Virginia, one that would be tasty, fun, and made of…pepperoni rolls? You bet! You may have to see it to believe it, or better yet, make one of your own.



Pepperoni rolls (for our “cake” we used about 15)

Styrofoam cone


Serrated knife


Step 1:

Slice the pepperoni rolls into approximately half-inch pieces. Pepperoni rolls with a spiral inside look best.

Step 2:

Break a toothpick in half and stick the blunt end into the center of a pepperoni roll slice.

Step 3:

Starting from the bottom, attach the pepperoni roll slices to the Styrofoam cone. Repeat until cone is completely covered.

Step 4:

Decorate! We wrapped decorative wire around our creation, but anything festive will do, like frilly toothpicks, candles, or ribbon. Personalize the decorations to match your celebration.

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