Hash Browns & New Grounds

A new food truck in Morgantown is redefining street fare.


A week ago, if someone asked me what came to mind when I heard the words “food truck,” my answer would have most likely included something about hot dogs or ice cream. If asked today—after my initial  experience with Hash Browns & New Grounds (HB&NG)—my answer would be different. West Virginia isn’t known for its street vendor culture like some big cities, but one man has set out to change that.

Cody Thrasher, the sole proprietor and founder of Morgantown’s newest food truck, is a self-taught, “off-the-cuff” chef, local produce purchaser, and casual dining champion. HB&NG will change the way you think about food trucks (and mac and cheese) forever. “I am very excited to change perceptions of what good street fare is, especially in West Virginia, but the food is what does the real talking,” Cody says. And it talks loudly.

Upon first encountering the bright red truck that is Hash Browns & New Grounds, I had no idea what was in store for my taste buds. What I found was nothing short of delectable. I ordered the Watermelon Feta Salad and Jalapeño Gnocchi Mac + Cheese, which will be a menu staple. Both were wonderful in taste and in presentation.

“I started this truck to find a way to bridge the gap. I want to make food that has that high-end creativity and serve it to a wide audience. The cuisine has a dress code, the diners do not.” —Cody Thrasher

Not only is the food being prepared with a flair, it’s made from local ingredients, a priority Cody says his business-owner parents instilled in him from an early age. While each ingredient may not come from the same farm or business every time, it’s all purchased from local sources. “If you’re not shopping locally, you’re not cooking great food,” Cody says.

You can find HB&NG at Campus Evolution Villages (formerly The District) in Morgantown on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 5 pm and at the Greensboro, Pennsylvania, farmers' market on Saturday mornings. HB&NG may be at the Bridgeport farmers' market on Sunday mornings soon, too. Check out the official Facebook page and Twitter account for more information about the schedule, menu, and booking the truck for your own workplace or business function.

twitter.com/ThrasherHBNG  |  facebook.com/HashBrownsNewGrounds  |  instagram.com/hashbrownsnewgrounds
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