The Best of West Virginia 2019

For six years, WV Living has brought you “The Best of West Virginia,” our annual round-up of the state’s favorite dining destinations, hotels and B&Bs, shops, artists, outfitters, towns, and more. Now we’re making it bigger and better than ever before. The seventh annual Best of West Virginia, coming in the winter issue, will feature more than 60 categories. But we need your help highlighting the best your community has to offer.

Click here to submit your nominations.

Please submit up to five nominations for each category, and be sure to give us each nominee’s full name and location.

Nominations will close on October 18, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Best of West Virginia?

Best of West Virginia (BOWV) is WV Living’s annual round-up of the state’s best restaurants, shops, artists, events, getaways, and more. It started in 2013 and has grown and expanded every year since. In 2019, in celebration of our magazine’s eleventh anniversary, we’re improving BOWV so we can highlight more of the unique varieties West Virginia has to offer.

How does it work?

As in years past, nominations are the secret to building a great Best of West Virginia list. We need you to tell us about your favorite shops, restaurants, people, places, and events—whether that’s a tried-and-true statewide favorite or one of those places tucked away in West Virginia’s hills and hollows that only locals know about. Please submit at least one, and up to five, nominations in each of the categories on the ballot. Click here to fill out our nomination form.

Once nominations have closed, WV Living staff will tally the results. The one with the most mentions, wins the award for that category.

What’s new for 2019?

In an effort to showcase more of West Virginia’s hidden treasures—and out of enthusiasm for eleven great years in publication—we’re adding ten regional categories to this year’s BOWV list. There will be one winner for each of the state’s nine regions, according to the number of nominations received. The regional winner with the most nominations overall will named the statewide winner for that category.

Some regional categories are:

  • Best Bakery
  • Best Casual Dining Restaurant
  • Best Community Champion
  • Best Fair/Festival/Event
  • Best Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Best Recreation Venue
  • Best Place to Shop
  • Best Place to Stay
  • Best Unique Attraction
  • Best Watering Hole

What businesses and people can be nominated? Can chain stores and franchises be nominated, or is it only for locals?

Any West Virginia business, person, or event is eligible for a BOWV nomination. You can nominate the same business, person, or event in multiple categories, too. You can submit chain stores or franchises, but we will always give preference to local, West Virginia-owned-and-operated businesses. That’s just what we do.

When do nominations begin and end?

Nominations begin September 20. They will close on Friday, October 18.

Who can nominate? How often can someone nominate?

Anyone, whether they live West Virginia or not, can submit up to five nominations for each category. Encourage your kids, parents, spouse, friends, family, co-workers, and customers to submit nominations. The more the merrier. We ask that each person submit only one ballot, however.

Will advertising in WV Living give me an edge?

We like to think advertising in our print and digital publications always gives you an edge with our readers. But it has no effect on our selection of BOWV winners.

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